10 Gifts Your Dog Will Love

Non-dog owners often find it weird when they receive a card from a family member that includes their dog’s name and ask, do you love your pet too much? But most dog lovers genuinely see their canine companion as a valued part of the family and think nothing of signing their name or buying them a Christmas present. Fortunately, the days when you were limited to buying your dog a boring chew toy or bone to show them your love are long gone. Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday there are some fantastic presents that you can buy for your dog to help include them in your special day. Here’s a look at 10 of the best.

Personalized Cuddly Toy

Dogs love cuddly play toys. But, it’s even better if it looks just like them. While some dogs happen to look like common teddies, for others you may need to get one custom made. Your dog will love playing with their own mini me.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker lets you know where your dog is all the time. You’ll never have to worry about them getting lost or running away when you’re out playing together. Your dog will love the extra freedom this gives them.

Glow in the Dark Ball

A glow in the dark ball means you can take your dog out to play even after the sun has gone down. They will love getting to play in the dark, chasing after a glowing ball. It also means you will both get a little more exercise in the winter months.

A Blanket

If your dog is always snuggling up in your blankets, buying them their own might be good for both of you. However, they may still prefer the ones that smell like you!

A Kong Toy

Kong toys are an absolute classic, but all dogs love coaxing their favorite treats out of these toys.

A Treat Hamper

Who doesn’t love a hamper filled with their favorite things? Your canine companion is no different. Fill a basket with all their favorite snacks and treats. Add some chew toys, a ball and a blanket for some extra luxury.

A New Bed

Doggy beds get plenty of use and can wear out over time. To make sure your dog is super comfortable, get him a new bed to relax in after a long walk or play session.

A Personalized Collar

Give your dog a big of bling with a shiny new collar to show off. Get it personalized and add a new lead to make it extra special.

A Treat Camera

Treat dispensers which contain a hidden camera are a great way to keep you both happy when you are apart. Check in on your dog via an app on your phone while he enjoys his favorite treats out of the dispenser. It’s almost like he’s giving you a kiss.

Think about what your best doggy pal likes to do and make sure you get them something they will enjoy. Remember, your dog doesn’t care how much their gift costs, they’ll just be happy with the extra attention.